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The Atari-Xbox 3600

Evan Blass

atari xbox 3600

Oh you crazy modders, seemingly unconcerned with warranty nullifaction or risks to life and limb, we salute you and your crazy mashups that provide us with 30 seconds of awe and wonder. The latest retro-mod to pass through our tipbox isn't quite as cool as Ben Heckendorn's Atari 800 laptop, but it still makes us warm-and-fuzzy inside to bring you the world's first "Atari-Xbox 3600." Intrepid modder Seth Fogie has succeeded in sucking the guts out of a new 360 and transplanting them into an Atari 2600 case, a procedure he details step-by-step for others interested in performing this old school geek-out. Unfortunately this project doesn't seem to be dual-boot, so you're gonna have to wait around for Pitfall 360 or Frogger: A Microsoft Joint if that Atari-jones hits after you've already gutted your 2600.

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