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Coaxsys to show off 200Mbps Ethernet-over-cable at CES

Evan Blass

With the kind of speed that makes our current cable connection look like a dial-up modem in comparison, the 200Mbps networking technology that Coaxsys will be demoing at CES may soon bring to fruition the HD Engadget vodcasts that so many of you have been clamoring for. TVnet 2X, as it’s known, uses standard coax cable to achieve its blazing transfer rates, which makes it easy to integrate into most current wiring systems, and is being touted as a perfect solution for HD IPTV and whole-home networking, allowing multiple data-rich streams to be delivered at once. We’ll be at the Coaxsys booth at CES with stopwatch in hand, ready to report our real-world findings, as well as any deets we can dig up concerning when these fat pipes will be available to the public.

[Via HD Beat]

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