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12 HD Days of Christmas: Day 7

Kevin C. Tofel

"On the seventh day of Christmas...."

No we didn't forget our holiday feature, we just got a little sidetracked wrapping up wearing tuxedos and Santa hats! We've got some catching up to do or we'll still be picking HDTV gifts out after Christmas. I'm sure the after-holiday sales will be good, but that wasn't the point of our "12 Days" series, so you'll see some days with two posts on this topic.

Well we haven't talked much about our most favorite topic of all: HDTV sets! After much thought, the set that we would most love to see under your tree is....

...the Sony SXRD set in your choice of L or XL 50-inch or 60-inch. Sure, an SED set would be the ultimate, but they're not generally available just yet. That being the case, the Sony hits home on many levels, as evidenced by our earlier review as well as a featured reader review.

Simply put the 1920 x 1080 resolution in a progressive format displays one of the clearest and most fluid pictures we've seen to date. The contrast is more than acceptable and the brightness is on par with any of the quality sets on the market. Couple that with PC inputs, HDMI jack, CableCard slot, an available Memory Stick viewer, integrated ATSC tuner and more and how could you argue with it?

Better yet, look at it this way. If you woke up on Christmas morning and found Sony's  KDS-R60XBR1, would you be asking someone for the receipt? Heck, no! You'd be hooking up every digital entertainment gadget you have to it and we wouldn't see you until 2006!

These sets retail for $3,999 and $4,999 respectively, but we've seen typos ads that have got them in your home for less than that. We expect these prices to drop over the holidays, but you're still talking about a great set if you just can't wait.

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