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Why is it so quiet in here?

Kevin C. Tofel

Oh, I remember now. We still have the comments shut off! Are you pounding away with off-line comments in hopes of pasting them in our comment form once it's back? Cheer up! They'll be back soon. It's not as though we have a "comment server" and someone kicked the power plug on it. Actually, that reminds me to check on something.... *runs away* ...... *runs back* it's really not that. Whew!

What until you see the comments once they're back: they'll ALL be in high-definition! In fact, if you have a standard PC monitor, I'm betting you'll see no difference at all, so don't be surprised. Seriously, hold those thoughts in your head for just a little longer. If you're anything like me, there's room to hold a few comments in the brain. Heck, I'm good for at least two at one time!

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