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Ethernet over Coax wars

Kevin C. Tofel

We told you on Monday about Coaxsys and their butt-stompin' 200 Mbps TVnet 2x and it seems that some folks are firing back with even more speed. Engadget has the deets on a potentially faster pipe: can you say 270 Mbps? The Multimedia over Coax Alliance has an acronym that sounds like coffee (MoCA) so we figure that their solution will feel like a caffeine rush.

MoCA is comprised of Linksys, Motorola and Panasonic, which has us begging to do some beta testing for them. After all, we used our piddly Linksys router to pump HD at 19.39 Mbps over WiFi. C'mon MoCA, let us in to play; we'll even buy you a cup of joe.

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