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Good compression settings for iPod videos


So, in order to do this nicely, I first installed 3ivx as the codec to use. I've been meaning to try the new Divx codec, but haven't had a chance yet. I open the file I want to convert in QuickTime Pro and choose Export to Movie and hit the Options button. This will bring up a Movie Settings panel like the one pictured with this post:

  • Choose Settings... and pick the 3ivx D4 4.5.1 codec, set the quality to medium, the frame rate to 24 and bitrate to 400 kbits/sec.
  • Then adjust the size. If you have a 740x480 video file, then shrink it down to 360x240.
  • Set the sound to AAC 44.100 kHz Stereo at 160kbps.
  • If you are hosting the file online, check the Prepare for Internet Streaming box and select Fast Start.
That's it. The resulting file will be reasonably sized and playable in a browser, on your iPod or on any QuickTime compatible system.

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