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Microsoft's pay-for-TV: HD or no?

Kevin C. Tofel

The march for the home-entertainment hub continues at a steady pace for Microsoft. Looks like Redmond wants in the iTunes video subscription space; rumor has it over at Download Squad that Microsoft wants more of your money for video downloads. Presumably, they want Apple to have less of it too.

Microsoft: if you want to succeed at this, consider taking advantage of your WMCE and Xbox 360 platform and make these downloads available in standard AND high-definition. You've got the software (and now the hardware in our living rooms) to make it happen. Trust us, we'll bring our own bandwidth if you can bring us the content. It's becoming clear to all of us that we need a fatter data pipe to the living room, so we'll take care of that. Will you meet us halfway and bring us the HDTV content we crave so much?

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