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Freeway 4 Express/Pro - a new take on web design

David Chartier

If you've been looking for a new take on web design apps with a new, unique UI, Freeway 4 Express and Pro might be right up your alley. Freeway 4 sports features like a new dynamic property inspector, a birds-eye site panel, "master pages" for site templates and repeating objects, rich media, actions for automating tasks with simple clicks such as creating button rollovers, .Mac uploading and a whole lot more. The $249 Pro version edges ahead of the $89 Express with features like a link map for site-wide link management, importing Illustrator and Photoshop content and enhanced graphic effects. Check out the full list of Pro-only features to see everything that the extra $160 gets you, or fill out a form (lame, I know) to pick up full-featured demos of either version of Express or any other Softpress Systems Ltd. products.

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