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Help Dori Smith get her System alerts back


Check out this post over at Backup Brain. Dori Smith is having a very odd problem where her System Alerts aren't playing, although every other sound on her computer sings like a charm. It's like a troubleshooter's puzzle for the holidays. She even posted a Flickr set of her settings to serve as clues. Checking in on the comments reveals a few helpful suggestions like playing with the MIDI settings and zapping the PRAM, but no word on whether any of that has helped yet or not.

For those of you who are about to flame this post, asking, "Why is this on TUAW?" The answer: Because I needed to get a post up by 12:30, I like Dori's blog, and it actually stumped me and I thought the phrasing of the whole thing was very mind-bender puzzle-esque. :-b

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