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Gift guide: Lincoln Navigator RC truck blasts MP3s

Evan Blass

For today's Engadget Holiday Gift Guide suggestion, we'd like to call your attention to the fact that, frankly, kids seem to be a little too tame these days. Which is why we are endorsing the MP3-equipped Lincoln Navigator RC truck as a surefire way to cause a little harmless havoc in any neighborhood. As if rolling down the block blasting 2 Live Crew weren’t enough, the 1:6 scale Navigator is also capable of emitting such annoying sounds as engine revving, screeching brakes, horn, and alarm. The “lean” 30MB capacity means you’ll quickly tire of the Lincoln’s seven-song rotation unless frequent playlist changes are made, but it’s more likely that some local toughs will kick and/or beat the crap out of this thing before it’s had much time on the road anyway. You gotta learn these kids young the ways of life, son. If we were kids this holiday season, this would be the RC car we'd be pining for.

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