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InFocus has 3 new projectors on the way

Matt Burns

When you think of front projectors, InFocus has to come to mind. They were the pioneer in the US market and they have continued to exemplify what good projectors should be. Maybe, just maybe though, they're getting a little overpriced. Hey, I'm not saying they are bad projectors but check this out for example.

They have three new projectors coming to the US market in their Play Big line. Sounds great, right? They are of course DLPs that can do 16x9 ratio screen, but the issue is that they start at $1,699. What's the issue you say? $1,699 doesn't get you high definition but rather 480p instead! The big brother isn't HD-capable either, but if you want to spend $2,499 you can have it.

These are going to be released in the first quarter of 2006 and beyond that, there isn't many other details. We're sure that they're great projectors and they have that killer look that is reminiscent of InFocus's ScreenPlay 777, but they are overpriced for the res. Would you spend 1700 bones for a projector that is not HD?

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