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Option sets HSDPA speed record of 3.6mbps

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're all very well aware of the quite common disparity between specced and "real world" speeds, especially when it comes to wireless technologies. And while visions of straight up 10Mbps HSDPA dance in our head, it would appear that Cingular's initial rollout their HSDPA service (BroadbandConnect) doles out much smaller chunks of bandwidth to its customers. But apparently that might only be because devices capable of reaching 3.6Mbps "category 6" HSDPA haven't yet been whipped up -- until now. Apparently Option successfully tested an HSDPA card based on a QUALCOMM MSM 6280 chipset to running at the category 6 speed limit of 3.6mbps on Nortel base stations in France. That's all well and good, but now let's bring this all home: Cingular's HSDPA towers apparently support category 6 speeds too, so even though you shouldn't expect to get more than the 400-700Kbps of capacity they've promised at the outset, there certainly exists the possibility for some significant speed increases in the future.

[Via PhoneScoop]


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