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Video Without Boundaries' MediaREADY 6000

Evan Blass

Okay, here's a fun contest (with the only prize being the admiration of your peers and the Engadget editors, street value=nothing) where you try to list every single-function device that could be replaced by Video Without Boundaries'  upcoming Swiss Army box of a media device, the MediaREADY 6000. From the manufacturer: "The electronic TV set-top product, which combines DVD/MP3/CD recording and playback with an Internet browser, email, media jukebox and more, now includes onboard CableCARD™ digital cable tuning and dual ATSC/NTSC/PAL tuners for watch-record, AAC/iPod support, HD MPEG 2-4 (H.264)/DivX/WMV/VC-1 codecs, and VoIP/video conferencing support (camera and microphone), among other new features." The 6000 runs on Linux and includes a 200GB hard drive, which will need a companion pretty quickly if you plan on recording a lot of HD content. Just don't start clearing off your shelves quite yet, though: this model won't be available until Q2 of next year, and it'll set you back $1,250 cash money.

[Via LinuxDevices]

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