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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Festivus Edition

Ross Miller

'Tis the weekend to be jolly - Christmas Eve is upon us, Chanukah begins tomorrow night, and Festive came and went yesterday. Even still, what's a weekend at Joystiq without highlighting a few game-related webcomics of the week? You can probably already guess what's on every gamer's mind. So take a gander, enjoy, and be sure to vote for your favorite!

Ctrl Alt Del's Zeke gets an upgrade.
Little Gamers' Madsen gets cheap. Real cheap.
GU Comics's Ted decorates a tree the only way a gamer can.
FoxTrot's Jason proves he is a gamer.
Finally, My Extra Life features a disgruntled elf really sticking it to the Man in Red.

Also, as we be fools for not seeing this earlier, Hypercombofinish had a hilarious strip early last month featuring both Koopas and Ninjas - what more could you possibly want?

Technical mumbo jumbo: this is not a scientific or rigorous poll and is only intended to capture the general consensus of Joystiq readers. Results will be posted approximately one week after the poll is opened for votes. Sure, you probably could hack this poll if you worked at it, but it' more fun for everyone if poll results accurately reflect the opinions of all readers, so please refrain from tampering with poll results.

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