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Local Channels in MPEG-4 HD on DirecTV starting today for New York and LA


It seems DirecTV is getting the MPEG-4 AVC party started a little early. We knew New York and LA were going to get local channels in high definition, but we thought it would take until January, we were wrong. Starting today, both cities can enjoy their local programming via satellite as long as you have the right equipment.

Subscribers who already get their local channels in HD via MPEG-2 equipment don't worry, nothing has changed (yet) for you.

New York channels:

  • WABC/Channel 7
  • WNBC/ Channel 4
  • WCBS/Channel 2
  • WNYW (FOX)/Channel 5
LA Channels:
  • KABC/Channel 7
  • KTTV (Fox)/Channel 11
  • KCBS/Channel 2
  • KNBC/ Channel 4

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