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Resist the "Urge" to drive while gaming

We previously blogged about Nissan's videogame concept-car (now officially dubbed "Urge"), and now there's more cool stuff that we'll never see in a real car! The concept goes something like this: "the Urge is an uncompromising pure sports concept that melds performance with technology and is aimed at today's young, console-wielding videogame generation." Great! Now why would I -- a young, console gamer -- want a video game system in my car? I don't care how many episodes of Pimp My Ride feaure this very thing, it simply doesn't make any sense. If you need gaming on the go, there are several options, but an Xbox 360 is not one of them. On the other hand, I'd like to see a 360 in my '91 Volvo 240... that's one sweet ride.

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