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HD Beat predictions for 2006

Kevin C. Tofel

It seems like everyone is making their 2006 predictions, but we're a little different. Sure, we've got predictions, but they're after the jump. What we're looking for are YOUR 2006 predictions for anything and everything related to high-defintion television. We figure: why should we have all the fun? We'll open up the phone lines comments right now and we're looking for you to share your wisdom and prognostication skills. Now as for our predictions; where did we put that Magic 8-Ball?

What HD predictions do you have for 2006?

  • SED televisions will not hit retail shelves in the US by the end of 2006 due to unforeseen manufacturing issues.
  • Apple will work with a System on a Chip (SOC) vendor to enable high-def output on an iPod dubbed the hPod.
  • Microsoft will sell a new USB wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 capable of 108 Mbps transfer as HDTV streaming takes off.
  • With RSS and broadband proliferation, a major television network will pilot a high-def program only available via the Internet.
  • Additional daytime soap operas and talk shows will go high-def, including Oprah, General Hospital, and Dr. Phil.
  • Media Center functionality will generate much buzz, but not many sales of Microsoft Windows Vista in 2006.
  • LCD prices will continue to plummet, with name brand 37-inch sets selling under $800.
  • DLP will continue to lose market share to flat-panel sets, but LCoS will still grow strong.
  • This October 4, 2005 post will continue to get substantial hits in 2006 for no good reason whatsoever.
  • Kevin will finally give up one of his two HD CRTs for a large LCoS set if his first prediction above holds true.
  • Addicted to his Xbox 360, Richard will find a way to create blog posts via the Xbox Live interface.
  • Matt will be the first HD Beat writer to own one HDTV set in every kind of display technology.
  • Open source PVR software will continue to be used by a small but dedicated percentage of HD viewers.
  • IPTV from broadband and telephone providers will start a migration of cable companies to embrace it.
  • DIRECTV will continue leading the MPEG-4 conversion, but by the end of the year, Dish Network will be the clear HDTV leader.
  • A major television manufacturer will finally send a set to HD Beat for a review.
  • We'll all finally agree that 720p means 1280 x 720.
  • By March, we will have seen a high-definition movie at home on the day it's released in the theaters.

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