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2006 is not going to be good for RPTV and CRTs

Matt Burns

This coming year is not going to be nice to many peoples favorite HDTVs. Rear projection sets (i.e. CRT based, DLP, LCD, and LCoS) shipments are going to fall a whopping 15%. This number is derived from the huge decrease in CRT demand; no one wants them anymore. 2005 was a good year for microdisplays though with Sony and Samsung leading the way. Microdisplays such as DLP and LCoS will continue to grow and pass CRT projections for the first time but I believe that the writing is on the wall that they too will eventually be outpaced by another trend in TVs: flat panels.

Admit it: you want a flat panel TV. Maybe not a plasma or a LCD but at least a SED. Flat panel TVs are just so cool and if you can get one that has the picture quality of a tube at the price of a DLP then you would get one. Right?

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