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Home Phone Control line blocker


In a world gone mad with the expectation of instantly contacting anyone, anywhere -- it's nice to see a product come along to remind us that always-on is a choice: the Home Phone Control. With a simple button push you can quickly and easily shut off all the (landline) phones in the house blocking both inbound and outbound calls.  So don't go hiding the device from the kids while trying to control their outbound calling hours 'cause they just might need to make a call to 911 on your behalf, dig? The process is entirely manual so don't expect to set up automatic do-not-disturb time blocks a la the LineLok, but then what do you expect for a $19.99 device with line-splitter? Their site says "available soon" with the expectation of taking orders "before the end of 2005" giving them, oh, about a dozen hours to get their shiznit together.

 [Thanks, Brent]

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