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iPod.iTunes offers song and playlist synchronizing

David Chartier

Now here's a novel idea: keeping songs and playlists synchronized between Macs. While it's possible to do it manually, or with jury-rigging your favorite backup system, I really think Apple should offer a far better, OS X-injected way of doing this.

Enter iPod.iTunes, an app that tries to fill this gap by using the already established iTunes and iPod system, offering 8 different ways to synchronize playlists and songs between your Macs. It offers a fairly robust feature set for customizing the syncing process, but the obvious catch here is that - in my understanding - what you synchronize is limited to the size of your iPod. I haven't given this a real shot yet as I have a 30 GB library of music and only a 4 GB nano, but this sounds like one of the best solutions I've seen for keeping multiple iTunes libraries in sync thus far.

[via MacNN]

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