Joystiq Poll: Blu-ray, yay or nay?

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Joystiq Poll: Blu-ray, yay or nay?
Joystiq Poll: Blu-ray, yay or nay?
We'll admit it. When we read the results of Max PS3's recent poll asking readers "Should Blu-ray have been optional?" we did a double-take. 67% said it should not have been optional? Really? It's just that those numbers kind of seems at odds with the zeitgeist ...

... so we thought we'd give you guys a shot. We did take umbrage with their wording, however, so we've decided to tweak it a bit. There are surely many people who might think that Blu-ray should have been optional without altering their intentions to purchase a PS3. We're more interested in whether or not the inclusion of Blu-ray will affect your decision to purchase a PS3. Basically, no Blu-ray = a cheaper PS3.

A plea from Joystiq: if you weren't going to purchase a PS3 regardless, you can choose the third option or simply refrain from voting, kay? Everyone else, have at it:

Will Blu-ray affect your decision to purchase a PS3?
Yes, I don't want it and shouldn't have to pay for it
No, it's a fundamental part of the system
(fill in other answer here) FTW!

Technical mumbo jumbo: this is not a scientific or rigorous poll and is only intended to capture the general consensus of Joystiq readers. Results will be posted approximately one week after the poll is opened for votes. Sure, you probably could hack this poll if you worked at it, but it's more fun for everyone if poll results accurately reflect the opinions of all readers, so please refrain from tampering with poll results.
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