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Samsung, LG get 2006 started off right


Does it look like April to you? Sure doesn't to me, cuz I haven't started pestering people for birthday presents yet. Anyway, Samsung's second 7G LCD production facility wasn't supposed to open till April, but they're opening today. I guess all those rumors of HDTV LCD oversupply will be coming true in the near future, because 4 screens per substrate, 45,000 substrates per a whole lot.

I wonder if you drive by the plant, they have those signs like Krispy Kreme announcing fresh....LCD's?

Edit: Looks like LG couldn't wait to get the party started either, as this later Reuters report mentions they are also kicking off production at their own seventh generation production facility, as we reported earlier. Geez man, before long everybody is going to have one, why buy an LCD when you can just get a whole LCD plant?

From LG's press release: "LG.Philips LCD will be the only panel maker who operates both 6th and 7th generation lines, which will strengthen its position as a leader in the LCD TV market.

Based on its system of fab dedication, LG.Philips LCD has developed a portfolio of facilities that concentrate on specific product categories. The 6th generation line in Gumi focuses on 32- and 37-inch TV panels while the 7th generation line in Paju will focus on 42- and 47-inch TV panels. This gives LG.Philips LCD an efficient production base, and will allow it to continue its leading role in the global standardization of LCD TV sizes

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