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CES Mad Libs

Kevin C. Tofel
So we keep getting the CES pre-announcements of "So and so company will introduce a new whatchamacallit that will be capable of yada-yada. The expected price is something and availability isgenerally expected to be sometime." OK, maybe we're exaggerating a little (or not), but we figure to have some fun with the approach. Actually, we thought you could use a little high-def fun, so hit us up in the comments and let's play a little "Mad Libs: CES", shall we? Just post your comment by filling in these italicized "blanks":

 "Insert Company Name will introduce a new Insert Product Name that will be capable of Insert functionality. The expected price is Insert Price and availability is generally expected to be Insert a date." Have at it and we'll see if we can rustle up a used CES press-pass or something of even lesser value for the most creative.

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