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PS3 to share region encoding on Blu-ray

Blake Snow
New information has been released suggesting that the Blu-ray disc format, which will be used by Sony on their upcoming Playstation 3 console, will have only one encoding for both the US and Japanese game markets. From the article: "Japanese reports are surfacing that Blu-ray disc will adopt a new region encoding scheme that will put Japan and the rest of East Asia into the same region as North and South America. If this region encoding applies to Blu-ray games, this would mean that PS3 games could flow easily between Japan and North America."

If the reports are true, there will be the following four regions:

  • Region 1: North America, South America, and East Asia (excluding China)
  • Region 2: Europe (including Turkey), and Africa
  • Region 3: China, Russia and others
  • Region 4 (null): no region specified, playable anywhere.
Let the mod-free trade of PS3 imports begin.

[Thanks, Ned!]
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