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    Apple notebook reliability study, courtesy of Macintouch

    David Chartier

    MacInTouch has released a comprehensive, in-depth report on the reliability of Apple's portables throughout the years. They apparently logged over 10,000 notebooks from 41 models, covering the gamut from iBook G3's to the latest Aluminum PowerBook family (basically anything that can handle OS X), as well as thousands of reader comments. Their survey included what years a notebook had to be repaired, how many times or if something broke down and the owner simply decided to deal with the situation, such as an optical drive they no longer need.

    Their results are very well summarized and broken down into groups such as most/fewest repairs and most common failures from specific models. MacInTouch also tackled the ever-prevelant topic of Applecare, asking whether those surveyed purchased it, if they felt it was worth the money or if they went with an outside insurance plan (like myself) that covers hardware defects as well as accidents.

    I'd like to spoil the results, but I honestly feel they did one heckuva job here and would hate to ruin all their hard work. Swing on by and check out everything they put together, and scroll to the bottom for the cliff notes.

    [via MacSlash]

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