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DVD player that scales to 1080i via component

Matt Burns

DVD players with 1080i scalers are becoming a dime a dozen these days. Most of them only output the higher resolution through DVI/HDMI cables though, and what if your TV doesn't have one of those ports. What is a HDTV nut to do? This DVD player from Momitsu can output the higher resolutions through the same component cables that your progressive scan DVD player can. Cool huh?

Sure, this is not the first one to do this and lets hope its not the last.

If you look at the back panel you might notice a "new" connection. The SCART connection is a relic from the old days of audio/video. Think of it as a predecessor of HDMI. It carries both analog audio and video including S-Video. It was developed in the 70's as a unified standard and became very popular in Europe. It is still used there but since the connection cannot do anything with digital signals it is on its way out. But even still, it is nice to see a manufacture still supporting older connection types.

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