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Improve at Counter-Strike by ruining your monitor


As anyone that's played a first person shooter knows, snipers are crap at short to mid range. The fact that developers often remove the regular cross hairs when you're not using the scope severely limits the capability of sniper rifles in close combat situations. You could try to shoot someone from close range with a sniper, but you'll inevitably end up missing and bunny hopping all over the place, making yourself look like a baboon in the process. Enter the solution: draw a crosshair on your monitor.

According to the writer of this "hack", you'll be looking at an improvement "on the scale of 1000%" when using this method in close range situations with the sniper rifle. Our own idea goes one up on this suggestion. As a "hardcore" FPS gamer, you'll no doubt be 100% committed to getting the maximum accuracy from your setup. We suggest burning a crosshair directly into your retina using this U.S. Air Force patented laser.

In all seriousness, don't bother ruining your monitor. Just switch to the pistol!

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