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World Wide Web turns 15

Blake Snow

Hard to image the World Wide Web was first built 15 years ago (from yesterday) by Tim Berners-Lee. What does this have to do with gaming? Well, if you want slower game news with static screenshots via some paper magazine, then the good ole www probably doesn't do much for you. But the protocol has a greater impact on the video game industry than what may appear on the surface. Here's a few off the top of our heads:

  1. Get interactive gaming news when you want
  2. Streaming multimedia
  3. Resources galore (cheats, etc.)
  4. A broader review base (, metacritic)
  5. Online play
  7. Downloadable demos
  8. Homebrew scene and mods
  9. Retro emulators
  10. Joystiq gets a backbone with which to provide news
How has the web impacted video games in your life?

[Thanks, SickNic; via CNN]

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