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Motorola iRadio: (some) details revealed


Motorola is givin' up some deets on their iRadio service we've been telling you about for like, oh forevah. Expected to go on sale "this year," the service will first run on the much speculated ROKR E2 (which we now know, will not include iTunes) and thought to hold 70 hours of music. The iRadio service will include 435 commercial-free radio channels covering important genres like "Rockin' Cowboys" and, uh, "Angry Women." In addition to receiving updates over-the-air, the service allows users to download channels to their computer and transfer them to play on their phones or car and home stereos. Subscribers can also use iRadio to put their own collection of MP3s onto their phones. The service will cost about $7 per month and will be sold via mobile operators. Motorola is being quiet about who they are partnering with to deliver the service in a market already crowded with Cingular's MobiRadio, Sprint's Sirius-over-Vision, and Verizon's V Cast Music.

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