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Yahoo enters the TV world

Matt Burns

I hate reality TV. Lets get that out in the open. I do not care if it is about decorating, adults acting like teenagers, or scaring people. I cannot stand any of it. That might all change though thanks to Yahoo and IPTV. They plan on producing and distributing a reality show through the Internet at a fraction of the cost. The show would involve two families that would be given $10,000 to spend on upgrading their technology in their home.

$10,000 sounds like a lot, but except the families to use the money on a few HDTVs, a couple of home theaters, and a few computers. The budget would not allow for touch screen controls in each room and custom home theaters. The only hitch is that to keep the stuff, the families have to pass a vote through the Internet.

Personally, if Yahoo wants to give me $10,000, I would spend it on putting HDTVs in every room, including the bathroom and kitchen. I might even put one in the shower. There, of course, would be Harmony Remotes in each room and a dedicated media closet to house all the HDTV tuners that would be needed. Sure, there would be a nice TV and sound system in the family room but nothing out of the ordinary. I would rather have multiple TVs then spend the whole budget on one large set.

What would you spend Yahoos money on. Keep in mind that you would have to be creative and original in order to pass the Internet vote. Crap! Am I getting into this reality TV stuff? Oh well. At least it is about HDTVs!

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