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Nokia's BH-800 Bluetooth headset: small, but not the smallest


The BH-800 may be the smallest Bluetooth headset Nokia's ever released, but Motorola's H5 Miniblue is smaller and the Bluespoon 5G is the smallest albeit for about $400 more green. Still, at only 9 grams (the H5 is 7.4, and the G5 is 5) it's damn small, features Bluetooth 2.0, and provides a sweet 6 hours of talk time with up to 160 hours standby.  And if you care, Nokia also launched two more Bluetooth headsets: the 16 gram BH-900 with noise reduction, echo cancelation, and 8/180 hours of talk/standy and the 14 gram BH-200 capable of 5.5/150 hours of talk/standy action. The BH-800 should be available before March for $140 -- the $55 BH-200 and $100 BH-900 will ship by March/June respectively. Click-on for all three badges of dorkdom side-by-side.

From left to right: BH-900, BH-800, BH-200

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