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CES wrap-up feature this weekend

Kevin C. Tofel

I might not get to it until Sunday, but you won't want to miss the HD Beat wrap up from CES. Matt and Richard have done a fantastic job keeping up with all of the HDTV coverage here and you can catch plenty more from CES at the super-special Engadget site set up just for the big show. It's been a hectic few days here in Sin City and the HDTVs are everywhere. Having the unique experience to attend the Panasonic press event and capture all of the pics for it were the highlight so far for me personally. I literally had to stand on a chair for the 103-inch PDP picture above; if I had a wall big enough for it, I'd re-mortgage the house right now for it, but alas....

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the joint CES team coverage here and while I can't make any promises, don't hesitate to ask questions on HD-related CES announcements in the comments of this post. We're living on a 19 to 20 hour workday schedule right now, but we'll do the best we can to get you the info you need from the floor.

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