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Fertell male home fertility test

Evan Blass

Children are wonderful little creatures, but unfortunately some people have defective plumbing that precludes procreation. Well thanks to a new device from London-based medgadget firm Genosis, men can now avoid an embarassing trip to the fertility doctor and perform a sperm count in the security of their own home. Known as the "Fertell" and developed in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, this device uses a barrier that acts as a synthetic cervix, measuring the number of active sperm that break on through to the other side. Users simply provide the Fertell with a semen sample (in a manner not fit for mention on our family-friendly site) which is then processed with a claimed 95% accuracy. Couples looking to get their rugrat-on will be able to purchase this kit starting this month in U.K. Boots locations.


[Via Medgadget]

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