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Hop-on's ChitterChatter GPS/cell watch

Evan Blass

There are different schools of parenting when it comes to keeping an eye on the kids. Some folks prefer to keep their children close at hand by locking them in cages at night "for their own safety," while more liberal-minded peeps would rather let their progeny roam free and experience the world. Those in the latter group, while inflicting less psychological damage on their kids, also open them up to the harsh realities of drugs, pedophiles, and fast food addiction. Fortunately for them, Hop-on has released yet another kid-tracking device known as the ChitterChatter, which eschews the standard numeric keypad for programmable, graphical buttons. To locate the little one, a worried parent need only text the phone to "pinpoint" its location to within 300 feet in about a minute (meaning Junior could be as far away as 500 feet from his original location by the time mom/dad receives the return SMS). As with most of these products, this one could use a little polish, but at $50 you can't beat the price.

[Via The Raw Feed and personaltechpipeline]

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