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"I am 8-bit": video game inspired art


No matter how inferior video games may seem to some critics when compared to other media, the work that goes into creating game characters and worlds is an art. The decade in which games as an art form really took off was the 1980s with Mario, Pac-Man and Zelda all being created within these 10 years. Their qualities of pixelated simplicity are almost timeless, which is probably why games based upon 80s game characters are still being made today. If you're an artist, they're also a good source of inspiration. Enter "I am 8-bit". This annual show offers a yearly exhibition for showing video game inspired works.

The show which last took place at E3 '05, is specifically targeted at "reinterpretations of 80s gaming bliss". The works include paintings, sculptures, sketches and other, sometimes strange, mediums. In a sentence: art meets video game nostalgia. The next show takes place from April 18th to May 19 at Gallery Ninteen Eighty Eight in Los Angeles, so remember to mark your calendar. In the meantime, take a look at some of the examples from last year's show. Our favorite? The Pac-Man Grenade by Peter Gronquist.

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