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Imation's 256MB Flash Wristband

Evan Blass

We recently presented and mocked the 256MB Michael Young USB bracelet as being neither fashionable nor functional, so it's only fair that we harsh on Imation's upcoming Flash Wristband a little bit as well. Like the Michael Young, this wearable drive sports a quarter gig in it's Livestrong-esque housing, and promises to remain securely attached to your limb or bag via a friction-fit locking mechanism. But, like, even if 256MB were enough for our storage-heavy needs, we'd still be hesitant to admit wearing such a geeky product when queried by attractive strangers. However, if Imation can jack up the storage to two gigs and throw in some Bluetooth for our tunes, then we might, just might, be willing to part with our $35. Fashion-unconscious geeks can pick this up at Target before the end of the month.

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