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Lego Mindstorm NXT robots are smarter and stronger than ever!


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Lego just announced their Mindstorm NXT which is (gulp) "smarter, stronger, and more intuitive than ever." The new toolset features a wide range of sensors allowing your bot to now sense and react to sounds and movement with improved reaction to both light and touch. The heart of the system is the NXT brick -- a 32-bit microprocessor which can be programmed by PC or now, Mac. The brick is USB 2.0 or Bluetooth enabled allowing for wireless instruction download -- sweet. Once programmed, the robot "then takes on a life of its own, fully autonomous from the computer." Hmm that reminds us, it's probably no coincidence that Lego made their NXT mascot above resemble Johnny 5 who, you will recall developed consciouness just long enough to feel the fear of being cast opposite Ally Sheedy. So think twice about programming in self-awareness, mkay?

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