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Nintendo and Visteon to launch a car-dockable large screen player for GBA games

Ryan Block, @ryan

Nintendo has a joint press conference at CES tomorrow with Visteon of all companies, and after a little due deliberation, and a high stakes game of Mario Kart DS (there was a nice bit of schwag on the table, those t-shirts are gunna be worth something someday!) we decided we'd check out this Visteon operation, who happen to be a "leading automotive global supplier." When we dropped by their website we found out they're already showing their forthcoming Nintendo device, loud and proud on the front page. It's a dockable entertainment system, meaning it can do the DVD playing on the lap, or as a fold down from the roof of your vehicle, but this one was designed in conjunction with Nintendo to support the Game Boy Advance. Just pop in a cartridge and your system gives over its 10.2-inch screen to your gaming demands. No word on how you actually control said game, but isn't it enough to look at?

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