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Uniden WIN 1200 5.8GHz phone for Windows Live Messenger


The Win 1200 digital 5.8GHz cordless phone from Uniden is the first multi-mode phone we've seen that acts as an extension to the upcoming Windows Live Messenger service. The Win 1200 offers punters the ability to place and receive calls for free via Windows Live Messenger (Microsoft's successor to MSN Messenger) PC-to-PC offering; "low-cost" (starting at $0.023/min the last we heard) PC-to-phone VoiP calls via MCI's Web Calling service; and yak it up over traditional landlines. The WIN 1200 connects to the PC via a USB cord (hopefully from the phone's cradle, right!?) and includes a  speaker-phone, the ability to download the Messenger contact list to the handset phonebook, a full color LCD screen showing the status of your contacts, and a "user-friendly" interface with soft key menu options and joystick navigation. Unfortunately, they couldn't be bothered to drop a few snaps of the $100 handset in action..grrr. So enough with all the Skype handset news already, Microsoft wants your VoiP lovin' too.

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