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CES: First generation Blu-ray players may not be "full featured"


TG Daily is reporting that the first generation of Blu-ray players, just announced, will not include hardware support for the vaunted BD-J interactive layer. Apparently the key word to look for when shopping for Blu-ray players later this year is "full-profile". Based on what's been reported, we can expect full profile players to launch at around $1800, while "basic" players may be closer to $1000. Is the Blu-ray spec as done as we've been lead to believe, if the players launching possibly six months from now aren't going to support one of the key features?

Also in Blu-ray news, they expect to support streaming media over internet connections, as a way to get people to connect their players to the internet (and update their encryption). The last interesting note was about thier insistence about only wired connections and that they need to keep high definition off the WiFi airwaves. That is really weird to me, even if it only ships with a wired connection, how can they stop someone from using a wireless bridge? It seems silly.

I really have the feeling we'll end CES not knowing much more than we already suspected about Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

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