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CES: High-Def TIVO

Matt Burns

TIVO lovers, met HDTV. Your favorite PVR just got a whole lot better. TIVO pulled out all the stops on this one and I think I can clearly say this is the most powerful and feature filled PVR ever made. This unit has everything. Dual tuners (2 NTSC, 2 ATSC and 2 cable tuners), HDMI and component output, dual cable cards, Ethernet port and SATA expansion port for easy storage addition. What else could you want? You want Cable Card 2.0 support...that's cool. It has that too. They even upgraded the remote and backlit it. The unit has a cool front display that indicates the shows name and time.

The current TIVO has not had major upgrades in years and I think that is what they want with this unit. They are throwing everything they can into it to increase the shelf life. Except to see it for sale in the last part of '06 and there is no word on price yet.

Click on for TONS of pics including the remote and back panel.

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