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French Maids Teach Podcasting 101

Damien Barrett

So C.K., Dave Caolo, and I were sitting around the TUAW offices yesterday playing with a prototype of Apple's new product to be announced and released next week. No, we can't tell you what it is, or we'd have to kill you. Well, anyway, C.K. was a little peeved that Caolo was hogging the XXXXXXXXXX.

"I can't believe you've been playing with the XXXXXXXXX for more than an hour and won't let me use it once!" C.K. said.

"Heck, the only reason I got to use it was because I promised him some hi-res paparazzi photos of Rachel Ray," I said.

"Ha ha, look at that!," shouted Dave as he clicked on the XXXXXXXXXX and it XXXXXXXXX-ed. No way! That's so freaking cool! I thought the most exciting thing I'd see this week was French maids teaching me how to podcast, but this beats it all!"

"Uh, that French maids gonna blog that?" I asked Dave.

"Nah, you can do it. Just remember to mention it's mildly not safe for work (NSFW). Now stop blabbing, can't you see how awesome this XXXXXXXX is?"

UPDATE: Okay, several people had seizures b/c of the animated gif, so we put it behind the still above. Click on the pic if you want to see.

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