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LG high-def components, some old and some new

Kevin C. Tofel

With all of the CES pre-announcements, LG doesn't have much thunder left to wield in the HD component area. Of course, LG is talkin' up their BD199 Blue-Ray player for later this year, just in time for some actual Blu-Ray movies, of course. The timely news is really in LG's home theater area with a flat speaker home-theater system and a wireless- and XM-ready upconverting DVD player. The LH-T755 has flat speakers combined with 700 watts of output plus a 1080i upconverting DVD player. Watch for it in Q1, followed by the LH-T9654 in April. This unit offers 1080i upconversion (via HDMI) on the five-disc DVD player that cuts the audio cord with available 2.4GHz wireless speakers.

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