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Microsoft responds to the alleged Xbox Live molestation incident

Ross Miller

Yesterday we reported that a 26-year old male had been accused of molesting a 14-year old boy who he had met over Xbox Live. Today, Microsoft sent us a response to the article:

We are just learning about this alleged incident and clearly this is something we are very concerned about. Safety and security, and specifically child on line safety, are a top priority for Microsoft, and we insure that Xbox Live is equipped with the tools that allow parents to monitor the activities of their children during online game play, including disabling voice communications. The Xbox Live space is regulated by our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct which prohibit all illegal activities. We work closely with law enforcement around the world on child safety issues on the Internet and will provide any and all help to the authorities investigating this case.

The User Agreement for Xbox Live is for persons aged 18 and over, and this incident is definitely not the fault of Microsoft's critically-acclaimed service. It's an unfortunate situation and we're glad Microsoft is taking an active stance to help out how it can. We'll have more on this story likely closer to the 20th when the accused male is to appear in court.

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