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Microsoft's CES booth tour

Evan Blass

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How does the world's biggest software manufacturer bring the pain at CES? Read on for a guided tour...

"Vista, get your Vista here! Best. OS. Ever!"

3D window cascade in Vista. Sweet.

Media Center, Vista style.

The rarest and most beautiful of creatures, Femalus Gamerus.

New game for Windows: Incinerate the Penguin.

Probably the only time these peeps will ever get to play 360.

World's most expensive bicycle wheel.

Windows Local is the best. True dat...double true.

"I wonder if this rocks some sort of DRM..."

This ain't your grandma's jukebox.

"Don't listen to Pogue and Mossberg, listen to me."

Family reunion.

Music Gremlin in the wild (thankfully prior to midnight).

"Damn, I thought this was the Apple booth."

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