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Motorola to integrate Google into future phones

Marc Perton

Motorola CEO Ed Zander brought out an old pal at CES — Google CEO Eric Schmidt (the two worked together at Sun) — to announce a new partnership to integrate Google functionality into future handsets. Yes, we know you can get into Google from pretty much any phone that has even basic internet access, and Google has done a reasonable job of creating mobile versions of its services. But Moto actually plans to add a Google button to future handsets, something that will definitely raise the search giant's profile among mobile users — though we doubt it's going to be a major selling point for cellphone buyers. (Oh, and we did get a kick out of Zander ribbing Schmidt about his massive Google-driven wealth, and Schmidt — clearly still the boss, as far as he's concerned — hitting back with "that's not OK, Ed," when Zander stepped over the line.)

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