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Motorola's CES booth tour

Marc Perton

Here are some highlights from our visit to Motorola's ultra-crowded booth on the floor of CES. No major announcements from the booth; they did that last night and earlier today. This was the place to show off the company's hottest products — and remind people of some of the not-so-hot ones.

Leading the way, not surprisingly, was the pink RAZR. Yeah, looks like Moto just can't get enough of these. CEO Ed Zander may have mocked the pink phone last night, but here in the booth, everyone is thinking pink.

Moto had several mannequins sporting the company's Burton gear. This one apparently lost her speaker-equipped shirt. We're not sure if some booth visitor decided that this was the ultimate swag, or if the mannequin decided it was time for a change. Either way, we're sparing your modest eyes from the gritty display that greeted booth visitors once the mannequin disrobed.

Showcasing Moto's commitment to music, the company brought along its own dance floor and a couple of bored looking dancing girls and an even more relaxed DJ.

Despite Moto's announcement that the company is working with Kodak on printing solutions, they still showed off RAZR decals using an HP printer (there were a couple of Kodak EasyShare printers elsewhere in the booth).

The Ojo. Yes, it still exists. Though, placed off in a corner near some walkie talkies, it seems Moto wasn't exactly showing it off. If anything, the company was more interested in promoting other, even less sexy, products, like home-automation equipment (below) and routers.

Pretty sharp video, and a decent form-factor.

The Q, served up on a platter. And that's it! Yes, there was more on display, but we've decided to spare you the sight of every walkie-talkie, cable modem, set-top box and cellphone in Moto's lineup. Besides, you've seen most of them here already, without having to brave the crowds!

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