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Hands-on with the new Wowwee bots

Evan Blass

We got a little face time with the folks from Wowwee, who gave us a demo of the upcoming Robosapien RS2 Media and the Roboreptile (the P-Bot was apparently broken, although it miraculously began working just as the Toys 'R' US buyers rolled up the booth). The RS2 still needs a little polish, as the "head" camera was just a digicam in a separate box hardwired to the bot, but the chest-mounted display impressed us considering its diminutive size. Even cooler was the new media/programming software, which allows for endless configuration and actually lets you preview an animated RS2 acting out the commands you want to download to the real deal. Roboreptile felt a little unfinished too, but we liked it's three levels of aggression and the fact that you can satiate it with "food" or by covering its head with a cowl. Guess we'll have to wait to play with the P-Bot until we see it at T'R'U. More images after the jump...

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