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Keyboard and gamepad's unholy love child

This is the AlphaGrip model AG-5 "3d keyboard and trackball." They describe it, rather accurately, as having "the look and feel of a game controller on steroids." That's where the accurate statements end. Now for the hyperbole! They describe its gaming functionality as "Ten Finger Control" which "greatly enhances your ability to generate any action... If you are currently using your two thumbs and two index fingers to play games, adding the use of six fingers will more than double your capabilities." Really? Because it sounds to me like that would be beyond confusing.

While some have decried the increasing complexity of video games, others are trying to simplify the experience. I'm all for adapting the functionality of video game controllers into all sorts of things; if my car had a Dual Shock hooked up to it, my driving would improve tenfold, but let's call a duck a duck. About the only thing I can see this being good for is text entry in console games, though I think the Phantom lapboard has more of a chance succeeding in that endeavor.

Read on for more pictures and descriptions of all the functions.

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You know... simple.

"Ten finger control for high speed gaming"? What's high speed gaming and why do you need to use ten fingers to do it?

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