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No live Keynote webcast, again


The only thing more fun than poring over all of the new stuff that's revealed during a Steve Jobs keynote is watching Jobs himself deliver the goods. He's such a talented public speaker, and knows precisely how to work a Mac geek like me into a credit card-fueled frenzy. For the past couple of years at least, Apple has not provided a live web broadcast of the keynote, opting instead to post the video to its website after the fact. It looks like that's the plan for this Tuesday as well, which is disappointing. I'll watch the video, of course, but watching it happen live is so much more pleasant than impatiently waiting for a bare-bones and overburdened website to refresh its content.

Come on, Steve, let us have the webcasts back. Aside from feeding my adolescent need for instant gratification, the webcasts are a real display of Apple's technical prowess. Or something.

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